Tired of static one-way forms on your website?

An Intelligent Alternative! Generate leads, power up your sales, and answer your customers’ questions automatically

The chatbot qualifies and converts your visitors into customers by engaging them in a conversation rather than filling boring forms.

Increase your website conversion rate & generate more qualified leads and thus more orders.

Top cut
50 %
Less spending on sales
24 *7
Availability of business
Times more Conversions
Effort on collecting data

Turn your website into a sales machine

Chatbots are rapidly spreading beyond the realm of customer support to drive growth at all stages of the customer journey. It fact, sales is now the most common use case (41%).

  • Chatbots increased sales by an average of 67%
  • Nearly 3 in 4 consumers expect to encounter chatbots on a website
  • 35% of business leaders said chatbots helped them close sales deals
Grow your business

Chatbot - A solution to the problem faced by the Businesses that struggle with customer engagement

Be Available 24x7​

Collect leads even when all of your sales reps are asleep or on vacation. Don't let your business sleep.

Higher Conversions​

Customers are more likely to interact with a website when you reach out with an interactive chat.

Intelligent Alternative

Delight your customers using highly interactive question templates.An Intelligent substitute for online forms.

Save on Acquisition

Make every dollar in your advertising spend count by engaging each visitors. Also, Bot requires 0% human involvement.

Time Saver

With a powerful chatbot as the first level of support for customers, you can save your team’s time and make them more productive

Increasing Brand Recognition​

Chatbots and conversational agents can help your organization provide a consistent and personalized brand experience to your users.

If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough -Albert Einstein

Affordable. Accountable. Affable.

We design and develop pocket friendly solution, we don’t beleive in arm-twisting tactics and we are accountable for each penny you have spent on us

Same Day Delivery*

Being experts in the field and doing it time and again, we strive to deliver the same day.

Keep agents in the loop, timely

For critical queries and escalations, we seamlessly loop in our human experts. For a improved resolution rate and your satisfaction. Superior customer experience is our ultimate goal

Your Neighbour

Your next door neighbour when it comes to after sale support. We treat you with dignity even if you are in lower tariff plan.


Chatbots are a key component of conversational marketing

The top three sales uses are –  economical engaging of the visitors, efficient qualification of the leads and effective closing of the sale. You would never miss a customer who visits your website.

Turn visitors into leads, leads into a sales pipeline and the pipeline into revenue.

  1. Bots work for you all day delivering qualified leads and speeding up responses to the potential customers
  2. Guide a visitor to the right product or service or page on your site or person in-charge for booking product demos
  3. Gather contact information for sales and retargeting
  4. Gather insights about customer interests and behaviour
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